Introducing Make: television

Presenting a new national series from MAKE magazine, Twin Cities Public Television, and American Public Television.

Make: is the DIY series for a new generation! It celebrates "Makers" - the inventors, artists, geeks and just plain everyday folks who mix new and old technology to create new-fangled marvels. Check out the Episode Guide to watch segments and read descriptions of previous episodes.

MAKE: television Episode 1: Bicycle Rodeo & VCR Powered Cat Feeder

Make: television

For those of you who like to see the whole episodes of Make: television, here's a chance to see episode 1 in all it's glory. Meet Cyclecide, an inventive band of performance artists who build outrageous bicycle contraptions straight... Read More

MAKE: television Episode 2: Aerial Kite Photography & Burrito Blaster

Make: television

Make: television Episode 2: Maker Cris Benton takes spectacular aerial photographs by rigging remote-controlled cameras to high flying kites. In the Maker Workshop John Park builds a Burrito Blaster, which can propel a burrito 50 yards, and Mister Jalopy... Read More

MAKE: television Episode 3: Steampunk & Pole Camera

Make: television

Enter the alternative universe of Jake Von Slatt, a leading Steampunk Maker, who turns modern technology into Victorian works of art. In the Maker Workshop, John Park mounts a remote control camera on a painter's pole to take stunning... Read More

Make: television Episode 4: Fire Sculpture & DTV Antenna

Make: television

Meet the Flaming Lotus Girls, a women-centric maker collaborative that creates gargantuan, fire-breathing sculptures. In the Workshop, John Park builds a digital TV antenna from wire coat hangers and a $10 video camera stabilizer. William Gurstelle shows surprising uses... Read More

MAKE: television Episode 5: Kinetic Wave Sculptures & Shopping Cart Chair

Make: television

Tour the elegant and hypnotic motorized wave sculptures, created by visionary maker Reuben Margolin. In the Maker Workshop John Park upcycles a discarded shopping cart into a stylish easy chair, and Mister Jalopy details the unsung wonders of his... Read More

MAKE: television Episode 6: Music Machines & Trebuchet

Make: television

Enter the plugged-in world of Tim Kaiser, a maker who fashions experimental musical instruments from scavenged objects. In the Workshop John Park assembles a portable trebuchet from plastic plumbing pipe, and circuit bender Bianca Pettis demystifies the art of... Read More

MAKE: television Episode 7: Urban Projections & Wind Generator

Make: television

Bike along with Ali Momeni and his fleet of mobile video projectors that transform public spaces into massive sound and light shows. In the Workshop, John Park combines a used treadmill motor and PVC pipe to build a wind... Read More

MAKE: television Episode 8: Watershed Sculptures & Miniature Robots

Make: television

We journey upstream with environmentalist Dan McCormick, a maker who crafts intricate watershed sculptures out of woven willow. In the Workshop, John Park shows how to build lively and inexpensive miniature robots. Mister Jalopy reveals the hidden treasures of... Read More

Make: television Episode 9: Computer Making Music & Personal Flight Recorder

Make: television

Meet CCRMA, a group of musical makers who stretch the sonic boundaries by turning personal computers into an electronic symphony. In the Workshop, John Park hacks a Wii controller and turns it into a personal flight recorder that can... Read More

MAKE: television Episode 10: Wearable Technology & Cigar Box Guitar

Make: television

Visit SparkLab founder and designer Syuzi Pakhchyan, a maker who explores the new frontier of high tech and fashion with her space age handiwork. In the Workshop, John Park shows us how to build a guitar out of a... Read More



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