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Hack The Razr . com
Restore the features your cellular provider removed from your Motorola Razr v3c and v3m.... Read More
Type(s): Software, Tip, Web Site
Tags: Razr cell phone

OmniDiskSweeper helps you find out what's taking up so much disk space on your Mac. It lets you browse your folders in a way that's completely optimized for looking for large ... Read More
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Type(s): Software
Tags: OmniDiskSweeper disk+space

Spam I Ain't
The anti-virus industry is dominated by a selected elite, like Symantec and McAfee, and to some extent by the pseudo-elite like BitDefender and Sophos. They are major market-s... Read More
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Type(s): Software, Web Service
Tags: spam "anti-virus" kaspersky

Hard Drive Eraser
A large company I work for is liquidating their supply of old computers: some will be auctioned, some will be donated to worthy causes. Recycling is great, but you don't want ... Read More
Type(s): Software
Tags: hard+drive+eraser

Desktop Manager for OS X
One thing that's always bugged me about graphic user interfaces is having to move the windows around. Over the last ten years I've come to accept it as a lousy inevitability o... Read More
Type(s): Software
Tags: desktop manage

Sean Shrum's Shuffler
The iPod shuffle is probably the biggest-selling flash-based MP3 player in the world. Given that you can drag and drop files onto from any decent file manager (on Windows, Mac... Read More
Type(s): Software
Tags: itunes shuffle alternative

Sun SPOT Kit
This Java-based wireless-sensor development kit, an ongoing project from Sun Research Labs is all about sensors. It's pretty techy, but looks like a lot of fun. Release is sch... Read More
Type(s): Kit, Software
Tags: java wireless+sensor kit sun+spot