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Power Tools

Pressure Handle
This drill accessory is great. If you do any drilling, it can definitely save bits by applying steady pressure. It works on power drills: replace the handle with this and it w... Read More
Type(s): Power Tool
Tags: power+drill pressurehandle

ColdHeat Cordless Glue Gun
I haven't used a glue gun in about 10 years. They were always messy and hot. I think I burned myself the last time I used one, so I've been forever scarred. I just got a new c... Read More
Type(s): Household Product, Power Tool
Tags: glue+gun cordless coldheat craft tool

Pumpkin Gutter
MAKE senior editor Phillip Torrone posted about this drill attachment on the blog, and I couldn't resist checking it out. It doesn't seem to work any better than some dedicate... Read More
Type(s): Kitchen Tool, Power Tool
Tags: pumpkin gutter

Drill Doctor
This is the ... er ... holey grail. Seriously. If you drill holes in stuff, you know the sublime joy of a fresh, unsullied drill bit boring effortlessly through your materia... Read More
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Type(s): Power Tool
Tags: sharpener drillbits

Mylar Backed Sanding Film
This stuff has been around forever, but few people seem to know about it. It's like sandpaper, but the abrasives are based on a plastic film. You can roll it, fold it, and wet... Read More
Type(s): Hand Tool, Household Product, Power Tool, Raw Material
Tags: sandpaper mylar

True Grit
I paid CDN$79 for my Delta 5" disk/1" belt sander two years ago, and I use it every day. Yeah, 5" isn't much — I'd be the first to admit to serious disc envy over the Pro... Read More
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Type(s): Power Tool
Tags: sander

Porter Cable 6 Gal. Compressor Combo with Finish & Brad Nailers & Crown Stapler
Whenever I told anyone that I was planning to install a chair rail in my dining area, the most common response was, “You do have a nail gun, right?” I complained tha... Read More
Type(s): Power Tool
Tags: nail+gun

Ryobi BT3100 10" Table Saw
The Ryobi BT3100 10" table saw is accurate, inexpensive, and cleverly engineered. Its accuracy is due to a number of well-designed features, although the design may make some ... Read More
Type(s): Power Tool
Tags: table saw

Abrasive Cut-off Wheel
No hacker's toolbox is complete without a rotary cutter. And no rotary cutter is complete without fiberglass-reinforced abrasive cut-off wheels. The bionic cousins of the wimp... Read More
Type(s): Hand Tool, Power Tool
Tags: fiberglass rotary+cutter