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When I'm explaining microcontrollers to someone who's around my age, I usually start out with a reference to 8-bit home computers: "Take something like an Atari 800, make it r... Read More
Type(s): Kit, Toy
Tags: atari kit atrarilab

LaMotte Soil Testing Kit
Soil Test kits allow you to learn more about how your garden grows. This particular kit lets you to test soil samples for concentrations of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, an... Read More
Type(s): Household Product, Kit
Tags: soil testing kit

Nixie Desk Clock Kits
Nixie tubes are vacuum tubes that contain filaments representing the digits 0-9. These beautiful relics of early computing display their numerals with a quivery orange glow. T... Read More
Type(s): Household Product, Kit
Tags: vacuum, clock, kit

Henry Field's White Button Mushroom Kit
Imagine a room full of 3- and 4- year-olds pulling on you, tugging on you, yanking on you - all desperate to show you something. That's what my life was like when my son't pre... Read More
Type(s): Kit
Tags: mushroom, kit

Kafka Pinstriping Kit
Great kit for pinstriping your latest computer case mod or robot companion. Designed by pinstriping master Steve Kafka, the kit shows you the basics of customizing anything yo... Read More
Type(s): Art Supply, Kit
Tags: kafka, pinstripe, paint

Plastic Cup Phonograph Kit
Record your voice, Edison style. The kit uses a plastic cup and a needle instead of a waxed pipe and stylus, but the effect is the same. Pretty basic to put together.... Read More
Type(s): Kit
Tags: phonograph, edison, record

Classic Video Table Tennis
Wow, for $20 you can make your own Pong! You just need to be able to solder and you can turn your TV into the classic table tennis video game. (Play against another geek, or c... Read More
Type(s): Electronics/Gadget, Kit, Toy
Tags: pong, kit, video game

Enigma Machine
During WWII, the Germans coded their radio messages using the Enigma ciphering machine; when the Allies finally figured out how to build one, cracking the German code, they ch... Read More
Type(s): Electronics/Gadget, Kit
Tags: kit, enigma machine, german

Vacuum Tube Radio Kit
You can put together your own radio with vintage vacuum tubes. Not only do you learn about basic electronics and radio, but it looks really cool.... Read More
Type(s): Electronics/Gadget, Kit
Tags: vacuum, radio, kit

Plasma Generator Kit
This looks like a fun kit: you can build plasma balls, light up fluorescent tubes with no wires, and also make big sparks ... it’s a solid state high voltage power supply... Read More
Type(s): Electronics/Gadget, Kit, Toy
Tags: plasma, kit, light

Crystal Radio Kit for the Modern Era
In today’s modern world of radio communications, it’s easy to dismiss radio kit building as a remnant of the past. However, nothing could be further from the truth. ... Read More
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Type(s): Kit
Tags: crystal+radio kit

Berliner Gramaphone Kit and Edison Cylinder Kit, by Gakken
These kits are part of a Japanese series of assembly-required, "adult-education" models. The functioning Edison Cylinder and Berliner Gramophone kits offer the allure of carvi... Read More
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Type(s): Kit
Tags: gramophone

I finally found a pocket-sized driver set that isn’t afraid of major appliances. The Versadriver’s carabiner-shaped handle folds flat and strategically placed detent... Read More
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Type(s): Hand Tool, Kit
Tags: tools

NewerTech iPod Replacement Batteries
After several years of heavy-duty use, the batteries on my old iPods were losing steam. They’d play for an hour or so, then conk out. I knew Apple had a program to replac... Read More
Type(s): Kit
Tags: ipod battery

Lego Mindstorms: Robotics Invention System
Contrary to what you might have thought, you can do a lot more with Legos than build another useless static display. Actually, you can pick up a set that includes a bunch of ... Read More
Type(s): Kit, Toy
Tags: legos, robotics

DIY LED Panel Kits for Artists
Send off your own animations to Bit Editions, and then assemble the kit to display your LED-ified art. The displays are 12x14 inches, and contain one LED per square inch. Driv... Read More
Type(s): Art Supply, Kit
Tags: art, led, diy, microcontroller

Lie Detector Kit
We've had a few emails and posts from folks who wanted to build their own lie detector, and now you can. The website explains how lie detectors work (by measuring the change i... Read More
Type(s): Kit
Tags: lie, detector, kit

Arty Electronics for Kids
I saw an early demo of these tiny computers at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and they're amazing. The PICO Cricket is designed for fusing art and robotics using lights, ... Read More
Type(s): Kit, Toy
Tags: pico+cricket robotics

Carnivorous Plant Kit
Edmond Scientifics has a deal on Audrey II meat eating plants. Their kit lets you create an "authentic" bog for growing various carnivorous plants from seed in a specially-des... Read More
Type(s): Kit
Tags: carnivorous, plant, kit

Wooden Clock Kits
One of our readers wrote in and suggested a few wooden clock websites for kit builders. He started out with the Ascent, which is precut and ready to build. (Plans are also ava... Read More
Type(s): Kit
Tags: gear, wood, clock

Build Your Own Digi-Comp!
Tim Walker missed the classic 3-bit Digicomp mechanical computer from the 60s, and figured out how to make his own. Now he's reissued it as a kit.... Read More
Type(s): Kit, Toy
Tags: digicomp, mechanical, classic

Sun SPOT Kit
This Java-based wireless-sensor development kit, an ongoing project from Sun Research Labs is all about sensors. It's pretty techy, but looks like a lot of fun. Release is sch... Read More
Type(s): Kit, Software
Tags: java wireless+sensor kit sun+spot

9V USB Charger Kit
Aaron Dunlap made a great little kit for folks who'd like to make their own 9V USB charger. And, you guessed it, it's all inside an Altoids tin. It's pretty simple to construc... Read More
Type(s): Kit
Tags: charger 9V altoids