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iVod case for iPod

by Jason Griffey

As seen in MAKE 03 Toolbox

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My name is Jason, and I'm an addict. I'm hooked on Argentine leather, quality craftsmanship, and amazing electronics cases.

Years ago, when I bought a Handspring Visor Deluxe, I searched for a case that would
be both useful and protective. I was working in a technology position and had to look up dozens of passwords and project details on a moment's notice. The Vaja Visor case was perfect for holding the info. It had a great belt clip, screen protection, and good padding, as well as slots for ID and credit cards, so it doubled as a wallet.

Happy with my Visor case, I bought a Vaja cellphone case. It, too, is made of the same incredible leather as the Visor case, with protection on the corners in case of drops and padding on the front to protect it from hitting something as I walk.

When I bought an iPod I went straight to Vaja. The iVod case was perfect for my needs: screen protection, security for the iPod, and an incredibly strong belt clip.

Customizable on the product website, available preform at amazon.