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Worthy Wordie

by Arwen O'Reilly Griffith

Another great site for word lovers, is sort of "like Flickr, but without the photos." Instead of uploading photos, you add in words. Your favorite words. Your least favorite words. Words that make you laugh.

It's actually more like in that they also post the most-used words, recent additions to lists, comments posted, and the most frequent users. "Mellifluous," "schedenfreude," and "sesquipedalian" are among the most frequently used words (at least today--check out the Wordie Hot 100 for the all-time greats), but recent lists include "Usually Forgotten," "Writer's Block," "One word, many meanings," and "Words that Crack Me Up."
If you have ever experienced the pleasure of rolling a new word around on your tongue, is for you.