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Wüsthof 10-Piece Classic Block Set

by Matthew Russell

As seen in MAKE 05 Toolbox

Before discovering the awesome blade of the Wusthof knife, I avoided recipes that called for cutting up fresh ingredients. Cutting things is more fun when you're doing it with a high-carbon specialty knife that was crafted from a laser beam.

Now, armed with my Wusthof Classic 10-piece knife set, I’ve been tossing freshly cut veggies into omelets, creating my own fruit trays, and leaving precut loaves of bread for the culinary patzers.

The knives come with a sharpening steel, and if you use it correctly, they should last longer than you will. I sharpen them every 3-4 uses, and it's working out fine. The entire set fits into a nice wood block for you to store away, and you get a lifetime warranty that covers defects in craftsmanship.