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Vinyl Film

by Dan Strunk

As seen in MAKE 06 Toolbox

Five years ago, I wanted a clear protector for my iPod that worked just like the sticker that Quickie-Lube puts in my car windshield. So I went to my local craft store to see what they had. I was initally intimidated by how many choices I had, but the different thicknesses of vinyl let you decide if you want light protection from minor scratches or something that might absorb the impact of a drop onto a hard floor. The thin stuff doesn't even require a cutout to let the click wheel move -- it flexes just the right amount. I cut the material to size and wrapped it around my iPod like a burrito. Its sticks great to a clean iPod (and itself) without any adhesive. When my first iPod died after five years of use, it didn't have a scratch on it.

Prices vary, available at craft stores