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Viewsonic Airpanel V110

by Adam Bernard

As seen in MAKE 02 Toolbox

  • $400 (US, estimated)

Tool photo.

I have a wireless network, a PocketPC, and an old Vadem Clio 1050 with a wireless card. But the PocketPC's screen is too small for more than occasional viewing, and the Clio is stuck with an old version of Internet Explorer (I couldn't even log into Amazon). I had been searching online for a tablet PC when I stumbled across something called a "Smart Display" — in this particular instance, a refurbished Airpanel.

It's basically a dumb terminal with built-in Wi-Fi and a touchscreen running Windows CE. After fiddling a bit to get it set up, it worked like a charm, and now I wonder how I got along without it. It allows you complete access to your home PC's desktop and all the applications and data stored therein. The extra bonus? By running Windows CE, not XP, it's an instant-on machine.

In the kitchen, I can call up my recipe box on; in the family room, I can post to my blog while catching up with CSI; and, in the living room, I can show off vacation photos. How on earth did I survive without it?