MAKE:TNT Tools 'n' Tips

Stylish Leg Purse

by Jenna Phillips

As seen in MAKE 05 Toolbox

Doesn't everybody want a secret pocket on their person to store useful gadgets? Having just watched a sleep-inducing cigarette procured from a garter-case in The Spy Who Loved Me, I have been hankering after a similar accessory. To my delight, the Tsaya, a sleek, patent-leather purse that straps inconspicuously around your thigh, seems to fit the bill.

My first foray is at a dinner party, where I have impetuously fastened it over jeans. Aside from having a poor grip on denim, the strap-over-pants look seems to alarm dinner guests. Worn under a black skirt, it’s more successful. At a San Francisco nightspot, fellow clubbers are intrigued; one girl asks if you can use it like an iPod armband, and someone else wants to know if it comes in lace.

Verdict: Rock On! While its appearance could be enhanced for a broader audience (its thick straps and shiny patent leather are more bondage-gear and less Coach accessory), the immense appeal of carrying cellphones, cards, and other vitals handsfree more than makes up for it. Now I just have to find those 007 cigarettes-- if anyone has a source, let me know.