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Spam I Ain't

The anti-virus industry is dominated by a selected elite, like Symantec and McAfee, and to some extent by the pseudo-elite like BitDefender and Sophos. They are major market-share holders because they offer other services besides their antivirus programs. But, for once, I was confronted with a problem that none of these could solve. A little-known program called Kaspersky Anti-Virus claimed to be able to come to my rescue...which it did.

My computer was afflicted by some malware that would take control of my homepage, leaving me unable to change it. This was in addition to eating up system resources (RAM) and multiple instances of Internet Explorer showing up in the task manager. Apparently, this problem was too obscure for the big guns to solve, so in desperation (only other solution was formatting my hard disk) I turned to Kaspersky; I wasn't too optimistic. But Kaspersky delivered, and that with aplomb.

Besides curing all afflictions, it also didn't hold my computer hostage for system resources, like the elite did. This was a major plus. The program uses a bare bones approach, giving you only the necessary options and using only the necessary graphics. I have been using it for over a month, am extremely happy with it, and so is my system; it has been stable throughout. I won't be turning back to those bulky resource-intensive programs any time soon--unless Kaspersky fails me, which seems highly unlikely.

P.S.: Beware of the hog-like scream each time a problem is detected! It makes me jump off my seat each time.