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Slingbox Mobile Home Theater

by Rob Bullington

As seen in MAKE 07 Toolbox

Tool photo.

The road. Sure it can be ugly. The lumpy beds, flat pillows, and sub-par chicken wings from room service. You’re desperate for comfort, even something as meager as watching your favorite TV show or home team while waiting for room service. No longer do you have to suffer through that meal while watching the weather channel. Not as long as your hotel has an internet connection and you have a Slingbox at home.

Slingbox and the Slingplayer, which you download to your laptop, allow you to watch and control your home theater from the road. It features support for everything from your Tivo to your cable or satellite box, and installs into your existing home setup in minutes with a cool intuitive wizard that auto discovers and configures.

The Slingplayer can control all of the devices plugged into your Slingbox with virtual remote controls, which you can customize yourself. You can even get a mobile version that you can use on your smartphone or Pocket PCs that use the Windows Mobile OS (a Mac-compatible version is on the way). I think I hear room service knocking...