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Sharpie Mini

Tool photo.

I, like most women I know, have used the venerable black Sharpie for many wardrobe fixes – scuff marks and bleach splatters, are no match for the queen of permanent markers. Then the colored Sharpies arrived, and oh, the possibilities. An eight pack of various colors means I can hide the chips on the rim of my expensive platter and mask the gouges in my not-so-expensive kitchen cabinets. Pastels come out at Easter; red and green come out in December.

But none of them hold a candle to the new Sharpie Minis. Complete with a ring on the end so you can attach them to your keychain or backpack, they are maker nirvana in compact. I now always have a powerful writing utensil with me – I can copy something off a bulletin board; make adjustments to myriad items, from handbags to posters; or get an autograph on my son’s T-shirt from his favorite musician. Permanent, colorful, stylish, non-toxic, utilitarian. Dreamy!

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