MAKE:TNT Tools 'n' Tips

Screw Buster

by Mister Jalopy

As seen in MAKE 01 Toolbox

Once I got a Boxer TP62 screwdriver kit, I realized the world was held together with tamperproof screws and started carrying it with me everywhere. Previously, if I came across an obscure tamperproof screw, I would grind an Allen wrench until I could jam it in or mickey mouse some sort of welding rod and Vise-Grip contraption.

The Boxer TP62 is a standard removable bit, plus a ratcheting screwdriver with not only the expected standard Phillips and flat bits, but also 57 high-security tamperproof bits to open damn near every machine meant to remain unopened. From the sinister Snake Eyes Spanner to the three-blade Phillips, there are bits for screws I didn't even realize were removable. With the Boxer, you think, "For now, you bastard screws will remain impervious, steadfastly guarding against the random reordering of tenant listings. But make no mistake, should I desire, I could have every damn one of you removed in seconds. And I would eat you like hot peanuts."