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Ryobi BT3100 10" Table Saw

by Mark Lengowski

As seen in MAKE 05 Toolbox

The Ryobi BT3100 10" table saw is accurate, inexpensive, and cleverly engineered. Its accuracy is due to a number of well-designed features, although the design may make some traditionalists a bit uncomfortable. There are no miter slots (though most people find the sliding miter table more than sufficient for all tasks) and the rip fence and sliding miter table are aligned to the blade.

The rip fence is rock-solid; it locks down and stays locked down. This allows for such a feat as ripping 1/64th inch strips from a six foot work piece. Blade runout is negligible due to an efficient, belt driven arbor design, which allows the saw to cut a standard 4x4 in one pass.

The Ryobi BT3100 is a unique saw and is sure to keep anyone with a tight budget and a small workspace very satisfied. It also has a loyal following –big enough for not just one, but two, online forums.