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Plasti Dip

by Terrie Schweitzer

As seen in MAKE 05 Toolbox

Tool photo.

Plasti Dip International has a range of maker-friendly rubber coating products (like Super Grip Fabric Non-Skid Fabric Coating and Liquid Tape Electrical Brush-On Insulation), but my favorite is the classic "Plasti Dip," a gooey substance in a can. To rubber-coat an object, you lower it into the can and then remove it and allow it to dry (you can also paint the rubber coating onto a surface). The flexible rubber coating works great to add a better gripping surface to a tool, or to insulate an object from electrical shock or vibration. To create a great non-skid coating, you can mix 3 parts Plasti Dip to one part pumice grit.

Plasti Dip is easy to use, and easy to clean up if you goof: If you make a mistake, let it dry, and you can just peel it off. (Similarly, the bit of Plasti Dip I spilled on the floor cleaned right up).

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