MAKE:TNT Tools 'n' Tips

PC Toolkit for Your Pocket

by Michael Rattner

As seen in MAKE 01 Toolbox

Tool photo.

I'm on my second CyberTool. (The first was lost, along with my luggage, by Delta.) I absolutely love it. It won't change your life; you probably already have a toolset. The CyberTool's screwdriver is off center and this makes it annoying to turn. A pair of inexpensive needlenose pliers does a better job than the included pliers. And I find the thought of using the toothpick as intended to be utterly disgusting.

So with all these caveats, why have I owned two? Because it is so easy to have around. I leave it out on my desk and reach for it constantly — my fully stocked toolbox in the closet never gets touched. It has a good selection of bits for most applications (although they should have included at least one smaller Torx driver). In the last month, I've used it to open my PowerBook for a memory upgrade, gain access to a stubborn remote control's battery compartment, slice through an untold number of letters and packages, remove a tiny ingrown hair, and to escape certain death by drowning by using the can opener as a hook to unlock the door to a room that was being filled with water. (Oh wait, never mind, that was a MacGyver rerun.)