MAKE:TNT Tools 'n' Tips

Nail Polish Meets House Paint

by Gareth Branwyn

Tool photo.

Sometimes a tool comes along that’s so ridiculously simple, but makes such a huge impact on how you go about your business. Qwikie Paint Pots are such a wonder-widget. Basically, they're like large nail polish jars that you use to store house paint in for hassle-free touch-ups. When you're finished painting a room, you put some of the leftover paint in one of the Qwikie pots. They have a brush built into their screw-on tops. When a scuff or a chip on a wall calls for a touch-up, it takes seconds to grab the jar and fix the boo-boo. This is a huge improvement over having to head to the basement, find the right can, pry it open, peel off the “skin,” mix, find a brush, use it, clean it, put the lid back on the can, etc. You can store all of the colors to your entire house in a shoebox in the hall closet! Maybe a little pricey at $5 each, but still worth it.