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by Merlin Mann

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To call whatever my problem is "attention deficit disorder" probably does a grave disservice to medically distracted persons everywhere, but I've known for years now that something's definitely up with my brain. I wish I had a satisfying polysyllabic shingle for my hang-up, but all I know is that coffee helps a little and ephedrine used to help a lot.

Of course, those spineless wingnuts at the FDA allowed 150 Darwinist case studies to ruin it for everyone, so now no one is getting anything done. Thanks a lot, stroke-disposed college freshmen!

NADH (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) definitely helps me concentrate appropriately, and I have no idea why. I take one tablet of this conenzyme on rising and another half an hour before lunch, and so far, over two months, the results have been salutary. You don't get those intriguing shakes, but there's a calm feeling of readiness that can be very reassuring. I also have the sense that I'm remembering to pause, reflect, and focus more readily than I've typically done in the past. Very much more.

Maybe this newfound dearth of spazziness is a natural consequence of turning 38, but until they can get that sad eventuality into a gelcap, I give my hearty and unqualified okey-dokey to this weird mystery enzyme.

Widely available at health-food stores.