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Mac Across the Living Room

by Justin Ried

As seen in MAKE 01 Toolbox

Tool photo.

If your Mac and mobile device are both Bluetooth-enabled, Salling Clicker will let you control your Mac using your mobile phone or Palm OS PDA. You can use this application to advance your Keynote presentation, browse your iPhoto collection, cruise through your iTunes playlists, and navigate DVD menus. Not only does it give you remote control, you can also view information from these apps right on the phone. You can browse pictures from iPhoto and see album art from iTunes, read RSS headlines, or catch up on your email — all from your mobile device.

What's really impressive about Salling Clicker is the way it takes advantage of your mobile device's features. Does your Palm OS PDA have a color screen? You can preview pictures on the device before showing them on your Mac's display. Does your phone have a jog dial on the side? Use it to adjust the volume in iTunes. Get a phone call while watching a DVD? Clicker will pause the movie while you take the call.

There are controls available for GarageBand, Logic Audio, VLC, and more. One user even created a script that controls the angle of his backyard telescope!