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LED Lantern

Tool photo.

Recently, standing on a chair in my bathroom, reaching yet again for an expired light bulb, I thought: there's got to be a better way. And there is — an LED light. The benefits of light-emitting diodes are legion: they burn cold, draw less power than Edisons, and have a lifespan measured in decades. So when I found myself in the market for a reading lamp, I had to have LED.

I came across the perfect solution in the unlikeliest of places: Cabela's, an outdoor supply store that sells the amazing LED Lantern. It features 12 LEDs — three to a side — around a central column for 360° illumination, runs 40 days continuously on four D batteries, and comes with a keychain remote control, all for $39.99. It won't light your apartment, but it's ideal for sticking behind your laptop during those all-night coding sessions,
or I guess, actual camping.

in cabela's stores and on cabela's website