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Jack Kamen Comic Book Reprints on Book and CD-ROM

by Mark Frauenfelder

As seen in MAKE 04 Toolbox

Dean Kamen’s penchant for the fantastic, it turns out, runs in the family. When the millionaire inventor wants a drawing of one of his medical or personal transportation concepts, he turns to his father, Jack Kamen. In the 1950s, Jack Kamen worked for EC Comics, the publisher of Weird Science, Tales From the Crypt,and Mad, drawing supernatural creatures, flawlessly beautiful (but oh so Waspy) women and Leave It to Beaver-style families gone berserk. Much of Kamen’s early comic book work is available in reprint form, both in book and CD-ROM format. Recommended titles: Jo-Jo, Congo King (volumes one and two, CD-ROM, $19.95 each,, loaded with late 1940s “good girl” art, and the EC comics reprints available from art dealer Bud Plant (