MAKE:TNT Tools 'n' Tips

Hot Steaming Glue Gun!

by Li Hertzi

I am in love with my glue gun ... well, one of them. Is it the new snazoid cordless one with the space-age heating base from Black & Decker?

No, though that is a beautiful machine, trendy and lauded. No, it is my ancient Craftsman Corded 80510 Hot Glue Gun, a small and unassuming machine (the patina of years of paint, glue, grass, and flotsam and jetsam cover the original color ... hmmm, I think it was black). Oddly and completely off-topic is the fact that this number is the same as the zip code for Allenspark, Colo., where I spent several pre-reality years of bliss, skiing, being married, and painting.

At any rate, my advice to my students and friends is to get a HOT glue gun, be sure to ventilate, ventilate, ventilate. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend mine because they don't make 'em anymore, but I would trust a Craftsman.

And have a bowl of ice cubes nearby if you are working with this weapon and your sensitive finger tips.

Enjoy makin' stuff!

Your local hardware store or the web. But go to the store and hold it. Make sure it fits ya.