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Home Comforts

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My mom gave me a copy of this book when I moved into my first apartment, and I've carted it around with me ever since. While it looks like a Martha Stewart knock-off from the cover, the real story is told in the subtitle: "the art and science of keeping house." Written by a law professor with a secret fetish for domestic order, it literally covers everything to do with keeping your house ship shape. No task is too small or seemingly too obvious (and after author Cheryl Mendelson gets through with it, the obvious always turns out to be dizzyingly complex). It's a fascinating read, and a great reference; by the time you're through with the subject you looked up, you truly do understand both the art and the science behind it.

Kevin Kelly has a great review of it on his Cool Tools site, too.

Available in both paperback and hardback. I prefer the hardback, even though it's a little more spendy; this is a big tome and it's nice to have it feel solid.