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Greenhouse Hoop Bender

Submitted by sholady

Tool photo.

We bent the steel hoops for both of our hoop greenhouses. I've been a gardener for 26 years and never could afford a decent-sized greenhouse. I first saw these benders on eBay about a year ago. Then it seemed impossible that a tool priced so affordably (under $70) could perform according to their claims (bend a steel hoop in one minute). I came across their website last month and bought one. Bottom line is that it really does the job and really saves a lot of money. If you want a greenhouse and like building things, this little tool will blow you away. I guess no one thought of a tool like this before because it's just too simple, and I love, love, love simple.

The manufacture is Lost Creek Greenhouse Systems. They also have another website, The site has more information about the tool.