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Gotcha Gift Boxes

Tool photo.

I haven't actually seen these in person, but one (or more) of the Gotcha Gift Boxes will definitely be under the tree, disguising my presents. My dad is always rattling and shaking and squeezing his gifts before opening them, so it's part of the fun to try to trick him as much as possible.

Each one purports to hold a different bizarre, preposterous, or totally useless item inside, like membership to the Salt of the Month Club, a smoke alarm that plays rainforest sounds, or a USB Toaster.

While the wacky and sharp-witted folks at the Onion suggest you put tacky bric-a-brac inside to disappoint the recipient, I think these are much more fun for gently teasing your loved ones. As they puzzle out why you thought they'd like a Make Your Own Umbrella Kit, or a 28-piece whisk set, you can smile knowing that when they open the box, they'll find what they really wanted inside.