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Gorilla Rack Workbench (GR 2102 B)

Submitted by StefanLasiewski

Tool photo.

At $99, the Gorilla Rack Workbench is the best workbench that I have found for the price. This model is much higher quality then similarly priced workbenches found at Home Depot or Lowes.

The Gorilla Rack Workbench is a sturdy workbench made from heavy-duty 14- and 16-gauge painted steel. Unlike similar models, the metal edges are finely smoothed so there are no sharp edges.

The work surface and shelves are made of 3/8" particle board. However, these are easy to replace with something more sturdy like plywood.

Underneath the work surface, there are two wide drawers on ball-bearing glides.

I assembled this by myself in around an hour. The tight-fitting pieces required some hammering with my trusty rubber mallet.

Dimensions: 24” x 60” x 60” inch
Work Surface & Bottom Shelf: 3/8" Particle Board

Customer Support: When I got home, I discovered that my local hardware store had lost the drawer slides for this unit. I called Gorilla Rack customer service--they were incredibly helpful, and they shipped the pieces to me via FedEx.

Available online. I bought mine from my local Orchard Supply Hardware store for $89.00 on sale.