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Gojo Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner

Tool photo.

Everyone has their favorite cleaner, and Gojo is ours. We like the mild orange scent, the abrasive action of the pumice, and the fact that it doesn't leave your hands feeling either greasy or dry. We keep a small bottle at one sink, which we refill from the gallon pump bottle at the other sink.

One excellent design feature is that each bottle comes with a handy nail brush that clips onto the side of the bottle.

Gojo is great for after you've packed your bearings and you're ready to get the grease off your hands. It really shines for cleaning up after fixing a flat on your bicycle. It can be used for cleaning dirty and greasy parts as well.

14oz bottles are available at automotive, hardware, and grocery stores. One gallon containers (~$20) are available at bulk stores such as Smart and Final. Gojo is also available online from many sources, including Amazon.