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Drill Doctor

Submitted by kaden

Tool photo.

This is the ... er ... holey grail. Seriously.
If you drill holes in stuff, you know the sublime joy of a fresh, unsullied drill bit boring effortlessly through your material of choice. You know the agony of a dull bit laboriously burning, tearing, and chipping away at the same material.

You also know the frustration of painstaking hours spent with needle files attempting to bring your favourite 3/32" titanium oxide bit back to life, only to find that your efforts have resulted in the tool now drilling oval holes 4.7 degrees off vertical. In chalk only.

I approached the Drill Doctor with skepticism; it was expensive, primarily plastic, and marketed with hooeylicious enthusiasm.

Cynical? Me? Hell yeah.

In a moment of weakness, flush with the cash of a healthy book advance cheque, I made a leap of faith and bought a mid-range model. And became an instant true believer.

It does wot it sez on the packet. Quickly, efficiently, and with minimum effort. Came with a tres fromage instructional DVD too.

I now know the joy of every hole, in every diameter being drilled with a fresh-outa-the-box-sharp drill bit.

Highly recommended.

Home Depot, On Line, 'as seen on TV'