MAKE:TNT Tools 'n' Tips

Doggle (Doggie Goggle)

by Lee Bonnifield

Tool photo.

My dog rode with his head out the window, but he had to squint his
eyes against the 55 mph wind. I cut the top off a 2-liter soda bottle
to save his corneas.

Cut off the top 1.5", including the spout. The plastic is thickest near
the spout, so how much you cut off determines how hard it is to cut,
and how flexible it is going to be wrapped around the dog's muzzle.

Cut off the rest of the bottle around the top of the label. Cut a
vertical slit so the bottle top opens up into goggle shape. Trim off
the sharp corners and smooth any ragged cuts.

The plastic will try less to curl back into bottle shape after a
while. When you have cut the spout off at the right level and
stretched it and fit it properly, the plastic's preformed curl will
keep the top of the bottle snug around the dog's muzzle. If there's
too big a gap, I suppose wind will lift the doggle and blow it off. It
shouldn't be squeezing his muzzle, just trim it so it is formfitting.

Poke a little hole in the plastic where you want to tie a string. I suggest two ties at the bottom rear corners clipped to his collar under his
chin, with a spring clip. The weight of his collar was enough to hold
doggle against muzzle when he lifted his head into the wind.

Once I got the right shape to fit and stay down, and the right
location of holes and length for ties, he could slip it off if he
wanted. But he routinely left it on and seemed to enjoy it, riding
head out, wide-eyed.

It won't stay crystal clear forever. When it's time for a new one,
wrap the old one around a new bottle as a guide for cutting.