MAKE:TNT Tools 'n' Tips

Design Yourself

by Goli Mohammadi

As seen in MAKE 06 Toolbox

Tool photo.

Finally - good design for the masses! This fabulously designed (of course) book was produced collaboratively by the self-described bastard children of the fine arts: MICA graphic design students and faculty. Based on the premise that "design is art people use" and should be accessible to everyone, the authors begin with basic design principles, in a writing style that feels like a good conversation.

Featured project ideas run the whole gamut from blogs, books, brands, (fight the corporate power by making your own), and business cards (even chocolate brownie cards) to embroidery, flyers, housewares, logos, and yes, T-shirts. There's a great section on kids and design that highlights how design can serve as the best defense for kids against our corporate-sponsored landscape. Each page is an open invitation to reinvent your world, as well as yourself.