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Delphi XM MyFi

by Bob Scott

As seen in MAKE 01 Toolbox

Tool photo.

I can use the Delphi XM MyFi all through my apartment with no reception problems. The only thing I don't like so far is that it's just a little bit smarter than I like. It's very fussy about what it will and won't do when it's portable, in a home dock, or in a vehicle dock. For example, I get a great signal with the unit just sitting on my desk and using the internal antenna. But, if I put it in the dock to charge it, it immediately generates an "ANTENNA" error message if an external antenna isn't connected to the dock. It still continues to receive just fine; I just can't read the display until I plug it in.

Similarly, it won't do a timer recording unless it's in the home dock. So there will be no automatic recording in the car while I'm at work.

But this is a small gripe ... the thing is really cool overall.

I popped open the home dock and was very interested to find an empty spot for a quad flat pack IC on the circuit board. I wonder what Delphi has up its sleeves? You'll see my Roady2 on eBay shortly.

Available online and in stores.