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Cork Pop III

by Dale Dougherty

As seen in MAKE 02 Toolbox

Tool photo.

If you find yourself putting a wine bottle between your legs and tugging an old-fashioned corkscrew to pull out a cork, here's a new twist on wine openers: the Cork Pop III. This wine opener uses a low-pressure propellant cartridge to blast the cork from the bottle. Cork Pop III houses a needle that you insert all way through the cork; then you press the cartridge to release a jet of air and … lift off. The cork doesn't fly through the air but you can imagine that it does. Getting the cork off the needle is the only difficulty I've had using it.

A cartridge will open about 60-80 bottles before you need a refill. Amazon reviewer, Leanna J. Kamp, said she used up her cartridge because she liked teasing her bird who whistled when it heard the blast of air.