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ColdHeat Cordless Glue Gun

Tool photo.

I haven't used a glue gun in about 10 years. They were always messy and hot. I think I burned myself the last time I used one, so I've been forever scarred. I just got a new cordless ColdHeat Glue Gun to review, which I have been testing out for a new craft project for the blog. One of the main things I wanted to do was glue fabric. (Only non-washable fabric projects can be glued. Don't start fixing hems!)

Not only is this glue gun easy to use, but it really glues just about anything. It works perfectly with fabric, and now I'm seriously thinking up other projects that will require me to glue things. The handle fits nicely in your hand, and there's no overheating with this thing, so your fingers and hands will be burn-free. Just know that depending on what you are making, the harder you press on the "trigger," the more glue comes out of it. I found that by lightly pressing the trigger, I got to measure the right amount of glue I need. There's also a neat little spotlight so you can see things better if you need to. They even have a great resource blog with a bunch of tips and tricks on how to fix or make things (such as fixing a purse or sneaker), and how to make a corkboard. A great gadget for your craft or toolbox.