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Boblbee Megalopolis backpack

by Joshua Ellis

As seen in MAKE 02 Toolbox

Tool photo.

I'm hard on gear. I drag my Power-Book, iPod, and digital camera everywhere I go. So over the years I've gone through a lot of bags and packs for storing gear.

The one pack I've found that serves all my needs is the Boblbee Megalopolis. It has a lightweight ergonomic ABS plastic outer shell that keeps my tech safe not only from the elements, but from direct impact. It also has a padded inner pocket that holds a 17-inch laptop. Because the laptop sits directly against the padded inner area that goes against the wearer's back, it's about as safe as it can be.

It also has connections for a variety of additional modules and holders. With a pair of side pockets and a bedroll strapped on, I can carry everything I need for a weekend trip.
At $189, this may not be the cheapest option for lugging your gear, but it's certainly the most durable. And most of the parts are easily replaceable, including the outer shell. I've even modded mine so that I can plug all my gear into a power strip inside and simply plug in the pack itself at the end of my day.