MAKE:TNT Tools 'n' Tips

Apoxy Sculpt

by Mark Lengowski

As seen in MAKE 05 Toolbox

Most people are familiar with plumber's epoxy putty...mix two parts together, cures rock hard in 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it's usually sold in small quantities at a relatively high price and has a short working time. Recently, I was thrilled to discover a world of epoxy putties I never knew existed; you can buy large quantities at a reasonable price and more flavors than a Baskin-Robbins.

I originally bought it for modeling but I am constantly amazed at how useful it is for other tasks, from using it as insulating material for a hot wire foam cutter to replacing large chunks of painted wood trim eaten by our dog. The epoxy putties from Aves Studios are non-toxic, stick to almost anything, won't shrink, and dry rock hard. They can be sanded, drilled, tapped, frozen, name it.

Now, I can finally finish my Flying Spaghetti Monster idol and do some serious worshipping.