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American Science and Surplus

Tool photo.

Years and years ago, I ordered from Jerryco newsprint surplus catalog. I looked them up on the web recently, and they are now American Science and Surplus. Not only do they have tons of the coolest, most arcane stuff, but they've got a sense of humor, too! And all of their stock is on the website, which is easy to get lost in.

Items are illustrated with whimsical line drawings and photos, and are well-described (although before reading, liberally apply pun-screen). They have the basic hardware covered, but you'll also find military surplus gear from around the globe, school supplies for the daring (or just plain weird) student, low-rent robot parts, and refugees from the Island of Misfit Toys.

They still have a printed catalog, or if you live near Chicago or Milwaukee, you can visit one of their retail locations. You might want to leave your ATM card at home though. Although individual items are usually as cheap as can be, with all the neat stuff they've got it's easy to get carried away.