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Actiontec Skype Internet Phone Wizard

The Skype Internet Phone Wizard from Actiontec lets you make long-
distance phone calls using Skype on your ordinary phone. The unit
itself is tiny -- smaller than a little Moleskine notebook -- and you

plug it into a Windows computer with the included USB cable. The USB
connection powers the device, so there's no need for a power adapter.

(You don't know how happy that makes me. Power adapters are
depressing to look at.)

You have to install some software on your PC, which works with Skype
to let you make calls. Then you plug your phone and phone line into
the device. If you sign up for SkypeOut, you can make Skype calls to
regular phone numbers. Right now, Skype has a deal that lets you make
free calls to regular phones lines anywhere in the US or Canada until
the end of the year. (The regular price is 1.7 cents a minute).