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8-Piece Calphalon One Cookware Set

Warranties are essential for expensive purchases, and the warranty on my set of Calphalon One cookware is phenomenal. Unless you submerge the set into an acid bath or melt it in lava, you're pretty much covered for life.

My favorite feature of the cookware is the incredible non-stick surface. While all humans may be created equal, all non-stick surfaces are not. I now cook eggs, pancakes, vegetables, and other items using a fraction of the oil I did with my previous so-called "non-stick" set. I’m also a fan of the "stay cool" handles on the large pieces, which get pretty heavy when you fill them up.

It's also really nice to be able to put this stuff in the oven — even the broiler — and see it come out unscathed. Ever melted a handle or two while pre-heating the oven? I won't be having that problem anymore.