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3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners

Tool photo.

Similar to hook-and-loop (velcro) but much stronger, this self-mating
fastener relies on hundreds of tiny interlocking mushroom heads to form its
bond. With five times the holding power of hook-and-loop fasteners, dual
lock provides a stiff connection that won't wiggle around like velcro, and
is also high-temperature and solvent resistant. Available in various types,
widths, and lengths. The variety I've tried is the SJ3560 clear
polypropylene with really strong acrylic adhesive and 250 stems per square

It's sold by RadioShack in small pieces under the name "Superlock"
(#64-2363), in Grainger stores in quantities as low as five yards, and by
many online suppliers. (The "low profile" variety sold by office supply
stores isn't nearly as stiff).

Be forewarned, this stuff is a lot more expensive than hook-and-loop--RadioShack's 1" x 12" package is about $4 (and being self-mating, will only give
you 1" by 6" of bonding area. For some reason, it's even more expensive in
bulk from Grainger or Mouser.