Maker Faire

Unusual Home Built Bicycles from wood and salvage

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Engineering

This event is related to Earth Day!

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday

Location: Outside Maker

So, you want to build a bike in the worst possible way? I think I can help. I'll be showing some unusual home-built bikes made from fence posts, driftwood, plywood, scooters, skis etc.

I built my first wooden bike by drilling a hole in a redwood 4x4 and mounting a bicycle headset in it with a fork and front wheel. I attached a pair of plywood struts to hold the rear wheel, and I had a modern "swift walker" or "dandy horse" (first invented in the 1820's). Since then, I've built a dozen different bikes including recumbents, tandems, compact bikes, high-wheelers, convertables and a lawn mower bike.

Imagine the things you could build into your own personalized human-powered transportation! This is accessible technology and an exploration of diverse bicycle history. I enjoy showing folks how simple they are to build.

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