Maker Faire

Improbable Orchestra

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Music

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM

Location: West Gate

The Improbable Orchestra is an interactive, live-remix, music-making machine. You will need no musical skill to sculpt the Improbable Orchestra's looping audio stream to your liking, creating mash-ups, breakdowns, and possibly even funky jams on the fly. Bring your friends - up to four people can play at once! It's a musical instrument, a sound sculpture, a game - but most of all it's an opportunity for non-musicians to experience the joy of a musical jam session. Come by and twist some of our painstakingly soldered knobs!

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The Improbable Orchestra

The Improbable Orchestra team is a group of engineers and musicians living in the Bay Area who share a passion for interactive artwork. They all have day jobs, and have spent many of their free hours over the last few years developing and improving IO.