Maker Faire

DIY RFID Implants

Type: Presentation
Program Area: Electronics

Day/Time: Sunday, April 23 12:30 PM (30 minutes)

Day/Time: (30 minutes)

Location: DIY Theatre

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an RFID tag implanted in you? I'll show you how I did it and discuss what I can to do with the implant afterwards. This talk
describes where to source the materials, what the implant process looks
like and projects that have come out of this scene. I
will provide both video and physical examples of this technology in
action. Some RFID projects being shown are off the shelf (eg. electric
dead-bolt), others are home made microcontroller projects (eg. Super POV).

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Mikey Sklar

Mikey Sklar is a fire artist. He just left Morgan Stanley.