Maker Faire

Times Square meets Calder meets Playskool Activity Center

Type: Presentation
Program Area: Arts

Day/Time: Sunday, April 23 1:30 PM (30 minutes)

Day/Time: (30 minutes)

Location: DIY Theatre

"Science, Mobilized" is a large-scale piece of functional art conceived as a way of bringing day-to-day developments in science to a public atrium space. It consists of very large sculptural elements suspended in a 40' cubic atrium, emblazoned with 27 direct-view and projection surfaces, fed by a server farm (ok, maybe a server garden) that continually harvests relevant multimedia content. Think of it as an overgrown mobile from a baby's crib, infested with multimedia showing breaking news in science and technology.

Brought to life by Onomy Labs, Inc., the piece is a veritable smorgasbord of Maker topics, ranging from digitizing clay sculptures for computer modeling, using Lamina to turn solid models into flat patterns for the huge shapes, finding projector paths and skeletal forms for projectors that display onto the interior surfaces of the shapes, to custom-made ping-pong-table-sized laser-cutters. Oh, and did we mention that the shapes and their LED zipper-sign counterweights are also on a cable system that raise and lower them over the course of the day? ...or that you can control the piece with your cell phone? ...or that visitors can author for the beast using LSC's "Exhibit Commons" protocol?


Scott Minneman, Chief Technical Onomist