Maker Faire

Electronics Recycling with ACCRC

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Electronics

This event is related to Earth Day!


Location: To be determined

Bring your old computers and electronics to be recycled, get a tax write-off, and help build a supercomputer! ACCRC, a non-profit computer recycler from Berkeley, will be providing a FREE e-waste recycling service on both days of the faire. Nothing is too old, too weird, or too dysfunctional. Usable PCs will be placed in the veggie-oil-powered parallel computing cluster, and later will be used for ACCRC's charitable PC placement program. Interesting gizmos will be made available for hacking by faire attendees, and everything else will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

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executive director

Deranged recycler. I run one of the oldest computer recyclers (also self funded not for profit)in the country. Proficient in veggie oil power. (is secondary power for warehouse). Beowulf clusters,electronic recycling in general. Some how eneded up as the number one "tattooed freak" on google. Enabler of geeks, provider of gear to snort project,sflan,and metasploit among others. give linux based based away on a weekly basis (16000 in 12 years)