Maker Faire

Lady Ada's Super Happy Fun Blinky Workbench

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Electronics

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday

Location: Oak Hall

"Join Limor "Lady Ada" Fried who will show some of her projects and
kits in the Make Play Day area, including a TB-303 synthesizer clone,
animated pac-man wheels, and more!

She'll also have tons of inexpensive minipov kits on hand for people
to build & experiment with, right at the worktable! The MiniPOV kit is
a simple "persistance of vision" toy, similar in theory to the
"fantazein clocks" you've probably seen. When waved through the air, 8
red LEDs spell out a message! You can customize the message at home
with only a PC and some free software.

Super-hacker Bunnie will join in to help people make all of their
LED-blinky dreams come true!

Beginners are encouraged to stop by, no previous electronics
experience necessary!

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Presented by

Limor Fried
Adafruit Industries

Limor Fried is an engineer, artist & hacker. She recently received her M.Eng in EECS from MIT where she developed and built subversive electronic devices, including a pair of glasses that darken whenever television is in view and a jamming device that disables people's annoying cell phone conversations at the press of a button. Currently she is at the EYEBEAM gallery in NYC as a R&D fellows working on Open Source hardware and technologies.