Maker Faire

Barony of the Westermark: Arts and Crafts of Pre-17th Century Europe

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Arts


Location: Cypress Fun House

This local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism will have demonstrations on how to make/do:

- Chain mail armor

- Boiled leather armor

- Articulated leg armor (possible)

- Clothing, 7th through 16th Cent

- Hats

- Paper

- Spinning

- Brewing

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Baron Martin of Grey Griff's Hill/Raul Ramirez
Baroness Chiara Genevieve d'Anjou/Julie Ramirez
Lady Ida Kniepenwirtin, Seneschal/Dona Janssen
Lady Miurren ingen Chinnfealad, Exchequer/Marli King
Lord Morgan de Cutaigh, Chatelaine/Matt King
Mairghread Dubh, Deputy Arts & Sciences Minister/Sonia Clary
Aurelia d'Ouessant, Kingdom Minister for the Arts/Monica McFee
Lord Angino di Marcenario de Vincenzo/Bill Rizzo
Lord John Theopholis/John Schmidt