Maker Faire

Fun with Phidgets! Programming USB Sensors with VB.NET

Type: Presentation
Program Area: Computers

Day/Time: Saturday, April 22 4:30 PM (30 minutes)

Day/Time: (30 minutes)

Location: Makeshift Theatre

Phidgets are a collection of inexpensive, programmable devices, you control via USB and .NET programming. There are scores of Phidgets sensors (temperature, humidity, IR, current, distance, light, magnetic, motion, pressure), inputs (sliders, buttons, touch, rotation), LCD displays and motors. We’ll piece together a few and program them with the new (and free), Microsoft Visual Studio Express!

Presented by

Scott Stanfield
Vertigo Software, Inc

Scott Stanfield is the CEO of Vertigo Software, Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner in Point Richmond, California. Scott is a proud member of the MSDN Regional Director community, covering Silicon Valley, and participates in the Microsoft .NET Partner Architect Council. His company built the Windows DNA "Rosetta Stone" sample application Fitch & Mather Stocks 2000, the ASP.NET Starter Kits and IBuySpy, the Nile and Petshop benchmarks and many others. He is a frequent speaker and has delivered keynotes at Microsoft events including TechEd, PDC, DevDays and VBITs.