Maker Faire

TechShop, An Open Workshop for Makers

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Engineering

Day/Time: Saturday and Sunday

Location: Cypress Fun House

TechShop is a new project to build a membership-based drop-in open workshop environment for the use of "Makers" on the San Francisco peninsula, equip it with a complete selection of tools and machines, and make it affordable for everyone.

TechShop will be a creative environment geared towards inventors, hackers, weekend warriors, entrepreneurs, middle school and high school students, parents and kids, and, of course "makers"! Participants will be able to come to TechShop and build stuff when they want, even if they are not taking classes. The goal is to make TechShop a 24x7 shop.

TechShop will provide members with a wide variety of equipment and tools, including milling machines, lathes, welding equipment, 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC mills and routers, plastics working and vacuum forming equipment, casting gear, electrical and electronics development and production equipment, hand tools, chemicals, finishing equipment, safety equipment, fasteners and supplies of all kinds, specialty equipment like scales, precision layout tools, tachometers, power supplies, a Prony brake and torque meter, amp meters, air tools, and pretty much everything a person would need to have on hand in order to make any invention or project with metal, plastic, wood or electronics.

Of course TechShop will offer "Building Block" classes for each tool and piece of equipment in the shop to get members up to speed on that tool in less than an hour. TechShop will also offer hundreds of project-based classes for all age ranges.

The TechShop team is made up of lots of very smart and dedicated people who share the TechShop vision. Their backgrounds range from machine vision, robotics, electronics, and industrial design, to physics, teaching, program development for gifted children, to business expertise and commercially-successful inventing.

TechShop is at the Maker Faire because we need your help! We want to find out from you and all the other makers exactly what you want the TechShop facility to be. Please stop my our booth and let us know what you think of the TechShop project.

We can be reached during the Maker Faire at 1-(800)-640-1975. Our web site is

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Ridge McGhee, Lloyd Stafford, Jeff Gates, Danielle Gates, Barbara Newton, Jerry deRaad