Maker Faire

Tulley's Tinkering Challenge

Type: Maker Table/Exhibit
Program Area: Engineering


Location: To be determined

Tulley's Tinkering School presents "The Tinker Challenge." We'll teach you (or maybe you'll teach us) some basic principles of hydrodynamics and power generation with rubber-bands, then give you all the tools and an assortment of materials you might find in your house and garage. It's up to you to build the fastest pile of junk on the watertrack in a head-to-head contest to determine who is the top materials hacker. The winner gets a prize, and everyone gets to keep their creations.

Come and build a watercraft/creature/submarine, we'll be building them too. It will be fascinating to see how the designs evolve over time. The possibilities are limitless. We challange all other maker exhibitors to come by and take the challange as well - especially Squid Labs with their laser cutter!

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Presented by

Gever Tulley
Tinkering School

I founded the Tinkering School because it was my feeling that kids were losing the opportunity to fool around in constructive ways. Tinkering School offers a summer program where kids can develop an inuitive sense for how to build things.